Former U.S. Navy Pilot And UFO Whistleblower Says Mexico’s ‘Alien’ Corpse Presentation A ‘Huge Step Backwards’

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The Mexican congressional hearing on UFOs grabbed international attention with alleged experts presenting ancient “alien corpses.”

However, Ryan Graves, the former Navy pilot who recently testified in the U.S. Congressional public hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), expressed disappointment in the spectacle.

Graves had hoped to maintain the momentum of government interest in UAP by testifying before the Mexican Congress. He described the display as a “huge step backwards for this issue.”

“After the U.S. Congressional UFO hearing, I accepted an invitation to testify before the Mexican Congress hoping to keep up the momentum of government interest in pilot experiences with UAP,” he tweeted on Sept. 13.

“Unfortunately, yesterday’s demonstration was a huge step backwards for this issue,” the post continued. “My testimony centered on sharing my experience and the UAP reports I hear from commercial and military aircrew through ASA’s witness program.”

“I will continue to raise awareness of UAP as an urgent matter of aerospace safety, national security, and science, but I am deeply disappointed by this unsubstantiated stunt,” Graves vowed.

At the U.S. Congressional hearing, Graves shared his experience and the UAP reports he has received through the Americans for Safe Aerospace (ASA) witness program.

His testimony aimed to raise awareness of UAP as a matter of aerospace safety, national security, and science.

However, the unveiling of the alleged “alien corpses” at the Mexican congressional hearing left him deeply disappointed, viewing it as an unsubstantiated stunt.

Graves, along with two other witnesses, addressed the House Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs during the U.S. hearing. Retired Navy Commander David Fravor and David Grusch, a decorated military veteran and intelligence official-turned-whistleblower, also shared their experiences.

Grusch, when questioned about UFOs, claimed to know the “exact locations” where the U.S. government allegedly covertly keeps UAPs.

Although limited in public disclosure, Grusch stated that these locations were provided to the Intelligence Community Inspector General and some congressional intelligence panels.

The Mexican congressional hearing’s controversial display of “alien corpses” has garnered mixed reactions.

Graves’ disappointment reflects concerns about substantiating claims surrounding UAP, emphasizing the need for credible and evidence-based discussions on the topic.

Mexico held a hearing featuring Mexican journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan, who testified under oath about the creatures found near Peru’s Nazca Lines.

According to Fox News, he claimed that these creatures were “non-human beings that are not part of our terrestrial evolution.”

Maussan also stated that researchers from the Autonomous National University of Mexico analyzed two 1,000-year-old corpses.

However, it’s worth noting that some of Maussan’s previous “alien” discoveries, such as the five mummies found in Peru in 2017, were later debunked as the remains of human children, as reported by The Independent.

Peruvian Culture Minister Leslie Urteaga has disputed Maussan’s claims, stating that South America’s scientific institutions have not identified the displayed remains as non-human.

The Ministry of Culture has even filed a criminal complaint against Maussan and his associates, as the remains may be part of pre-Hispanic bone remains.

Despite the conflicting claims, Maussan maintains that his evidence has not been refuted. He argues that the true purpose of the investigations is to diminish the significance of the discovery, relying solely on testimonies and questioning without presenting any concrete evidence.

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