Bigfoot Theorist Found Dead


One of the world’s renowned Bigfoot hunters, Claudia Ackley, passed away at the age of 51.

Tragically, her lifeless body was discovered in her Tennessee residence last weekend, as confirmed by her partner Ed Brown.

Authorities suspect that her death was caused by a heart attack. Claudia Ackley leaves behind two daughters.

Throughout her life, Claudia Ackley claimed to have encountered Bigfoot on multiple occasions.

Notably, in 2018, she gained prominence for her lawsuit against the state of California seeking official recognition of the sasquatch as a distinct species.

This legal action was triggered by national park rangers dismissing her sighting as a bear encounter.

The sighting in question occurred in March 2018 in Lake Arrowhead, California, while Claudia was hiking with her daughters.

During their hike, they managed to capture a video allegedly depicting a sasquatch observing them from behind a tree.

Claudia adamantly asserted the authenticity of the footage despite the state Department of Fish and Wildlife investigator’s determination that it merely featured a bear.

Frustrated by the department’s response, Claudia expressed disappointment, stating, “They’re supposed to be there to protect the public. They’re not doing their jobs.”

Her lawsuit did not succeed in attaining its objective of urging the state of California and the fish and wildlife authority to take sightings seriously and conduct thorough investigations.

Reflecting on her encounters, Claudia considered her first face-to-face experience with a small sasquatch during a trek in Washington in 2014 as a transformative moment.

She described the encounter as a source of inspiration, which prompted her to make significant life changes, including losing 125 pounds and seeking a divorce.

Motivated by this encounter, Claudia dedicated her life to gathering evidence and dispelling the cryptid status of the sasquatch, with a fervent desire to persuade the general public of its existence.

Ed Brown mourned Claudia’s passing, acknowledging her commitment to the cause, stating, “The community—regardless of anyone’s views—has lost someone who was willing to stand up and fight for their beliefs. The Bigfoot community lost a soldier.”

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